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A Sampling of our Awards...

Fam Award


Thanks for the award from: Nancy Imelda Schafer
Editor-in-chief of Empire:ZINE

I want your daughter to 
smile for you and be happy, so if she likes the cat award she may 
display it along with the other...I would be very honored for 
you to display both awards on your for a excellent site and 
one for a beautiful smile...
 Sincerely & with best wishes for your family....Terra


You have won Nikka's award of Excellence!
Your site is truly wonderful and inspiring.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share it.
Thank You
In Faith
Debbie Rogers


I'm pleased to award your site with the Excellence in Web Design Award.

On viewing your site, I found not only was your HTML and coding precise, but that you had also used some of the latest innovations in web design. You are to be commended for excellent work... Peace,


Family-Friendly Site Award from - A+ Web Design Approved The Light Award said-'I was very impressed by all the hard
work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an
wonderful achievement in web site design, both in appearance and

                 I reviewed your site and was very impressed...Congratulations again,
Terras World

 Again let me say that I am honored to give you this Award. I feel that
you deserve it for all the hard work that you have done. This award will
not be given out to just anyone, only to those who truly do have
outstanding and informative web sites.

Carole (Nightowl)

Dear ABCs of Faith Webmaster, 
Congratulations.  Your site has been selected as a   
Limits Rejected Here Attitude Award winner!


ABC's Of Faith Staff,

Congratulations, your site has been reviewed by the INX staff, and you have
won the INX cool site award.  By winning this award, your site has shown
great design, graphics, and content. Congratulations and thanks for

Thank you so much for the beautiful thank you! I really appreciate it.
Go to my awards page and pick up #1, That is the one I awarded you.
Also pick up #2 Because your daughter likes it and you deserve it anyway.
Thank you so much
Debbie Rogers

You have won The Pretty Penny Award which expresses my thanks for 
your efforts to produce a web page that adds your special touch to 
the net. Yours, 
Kevin Taylor

we hope this
new sponsorship will provide an even greater audience to show the world


Gayla Schue
Awards Director

Hi Tony,

Great site and very large indeed.

Keep up the good work. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts.

God bless ya,

James Bowman

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