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Take a tour of the Catholic web!

Bookmark the sites you like, and be prepared for a world of insights, inspiration and more.

All links are alphabetical

100% Catholic!!!

1997 Catholic Internet Directory


Aedification - comparitive religious studies from a Catholic perspective.

Apparitions of Jesus & Mary will fuel your interest in this topic.

Blessed Virgin Mary topical pages & links

Blessed Virgin Mary, Appearances of Leo de Bondt from Holland's fine website!

Catholic Documents and Apologetic / General Websites - by Dave Armstrong

Catechism of the Catholic Church - Interactive on-line search

Catholic Answers - publishers of THIS ROCK magazine and building a new Catholic radio network.

Catholic Apologists Network

The CROSSROADS Initiative - A ministry of Dr. Marcellino D' Ambrosio

Catholic Children's Pages - parents, here is a good spot to take the kids on a cyber-journey!

Catholic Convert's Connection

Catholic Dispatch's home-page - get free e-mailed articles on great topics.

Catholic Encylopedia on-line.

Catholic Evidence Guild - side-walk evangelization, and much more!

Catholic Goldmine - well named!

Catholic Homeschool Network of America - pretty well says it!

Catholic Kiosk

Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Catholic Links

Catholic Spirituality an elegant site on an important topic.

Catholic's United for the Faith - C.U.F.

Cukierski Family Apostolate - Our mission has always been to help save the innocent unborn and to draw folks closer to the Catholic faith. Also hard to find Sacramentals and much more!

Defender's of the Catholic Faith - very elegant page by convert and author Steve Ray.

Envoy Magazine An Award Winning publication.

Examine The Shroud

EWTN - one of the supersites, and an inspired apostolate! Radio, TV, Internet and more...

Fraternity of St. Peter--a side-by-side presentation of the Order of the Mass in Latin and in two English translations.

Dr Scott Hann - one of the supersites, and an inspired apostolate! Radio, TV, Internet and more...

The Heaven web-site.

Immaculate Heart of Mary a Catholic Christian Resource page.

Jeffrey's Roman Catholic web-pages. Loyal to the Pope and the Magesterium of the Church.

Joseph's Catholic Webatorium Catholic art gallery.

Keeping Catholics Catholic - The name says it!

Knights of Columbus - Catholic fraternal organization.

Kurt's Favorite Catholic Links.

Living His Life Abundantly - TV, publication and more - a growing apostolate!

Marians of the Immaculate Conception

Matt's Catholic Apologetics Homepage

Mother Theresa of Calcuta - dedicated to the world-famous nun who gave her life in service to the poorest of the poor.

New Advent Supersite!

Opus Dei - Finding God in work and ordinary life.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Patroness of the Americas. Must visit to learn more about this important apparition.

Peter's Net-now Catholic Culture a Catholic search engine - a wonderful way to find sites that are faithful to Catholic teaching.

PRAYER WARRIORS of the HOLY SOULS - celebrating over ten years of service - a robust site for the faithful!

Revelant Radio - talk radio that Bridges the Gap Between Faith and Everyday Life

Revolution of Love, a touching personal page - one couple's spiritual journey.

Saint Ann's Catholic Church - our local parish's website...

The Saint Pachomius Library is one of the largest free on-line resources for Orthodox patristic texts (early Christian writers/The Church Fathers), liturgical documents, and saints' lives of all eras. Our own contributing author, Bill Bond, recommended this link, with good reason. You can learn a lot from this site...

St. Joseph Communications - radio, tape, print, speakers, web and more!


Sean's faith website - Catholic Apologetics.

Trial of America

VATICAN home page - well, this is it! The Papal super-site!

Should you find any broken links, or have other comments or suggestions, please e-mail us. Thanks!


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