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"A" Topics & Links!

Art and Christian Faith

The use of a wide variety of art and images goes back to the early centuries of Christianity. There are many questions that Biblical fundamentalists have with the use of Christian images, but this need not be so. Typically, the objections to the use of Christian art is based on a misunderstanding of Exodus 20:4-5:

  • You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything in the sky above or on the earth below. or in the waters beneath the earth: you shall not bow down before them to worship them.

    Anytime we try to understand the meaning of the Bible, we need to keep in mind that:

    "all Scriptrure is inspired by God..." (2 Tim. 3:16)

    What this means in part is that we can't take one Bible verse and understand it by ignoring other Scriptures on the same topic! For example:

  • "Make two cherubim of beaten gold for the two ends of the propitiatory, fastening them so that one cherub springs direct from each end." ((Ex. 25:18)

    Here we see God instructing His chosen people to make two angels, one on each end of the Ark of the Covenant. This is just one possible example of the Lord commanding or allowing believers to use images for religious purposes. Other examples include Numbers 21:8, 1 Kings 6:29-35 and John 3:14. These other verses clarify the meaning of Exodus 20:4-5, we are not to create images of false gods, or worship such images, or any image as if it were God Almighty. But the use of art and images for sharing and inspiring the faith of others has been used since the days of Moses, and the early Christians created such art too, as discoveries in the catacombs and elsewhere amply prove.

    If you haven't read the Contents of the ABCs of Faith yet, this would be a good time to go that section, which is loaded with images as well as Biblical and common sense explanations for Scriptural lessons and truths.

    If you have finished that deparment of our web site, we invite you to continue here with a sampling of modern and older art and images of Jesus, Biblical scenes and people.

    Getting the full benefit from art is a little like a flower garden. A person may busily hurry on by the flowers. When ever that happens, the beauty, fragrance, colors and unique features and message of the flowers are missed. The flowers aren't harmed by the oversight, it is the passer by who lost the opportunity to savor this gift from God. Art is a gift from God too - the Lord gave artists their talent, to express His goodness and to share in the joy of creation!

    So take some time, and really pause before each image. Perhaps meditate on some Biblical verse that it might bring to mind for you. Only through an investment of time in the images will you gain the return that our Creator wanted you to experience here.

  • Jesus I trust in You! - Divine Mercy pic

    Image of the

    Divine Mercy

    'Behold the Man' Jn 19:5 aka 'Ecce Homo'

    "Ecce Homo"
    "Behold the Man"

    Jesus with children, by Hook.

    Jesus with children.

    JESUS is always knocking at your heart's door...

    Jesus Knocking at Heart's Door.

    Contemplate these pictures for a while. Each one tells us something about our Lord Jesus.

    For example, in the first picture, Jesus radiates His love to us - He is the Divine Mercy! The red rays symbolize His blood, poured out for us during His Passion and crucifixtion. The white rays remind us that when He died on the Cross, the soldier pierced Jesus' side, and watched as water and blood came for. Jesus was truly man, as well as being truly God.

    "Ecce Homo" recalls the words that Pilate spoke, "Behold the man," as the imperial governor revealed the suffering of the Man to the crowd.

    Click here to continue to the next page in our Art and Christian Faith Gallery!

    We welcome visitors and members art contributions to these pages. Contributors of art (or any other item, poem, article, etc.) will be given credit and e-links, as desired, and receive our grateful thanks! Contact us with your thoughts, ideas and comments.


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