2 Mac. 12:42-46

Rev. 5:8-14Rev. 5:8-14

When God takes someone from us, it is always for a
good reason. When the sheep have grazed and thinned the grass
in the lower regions, the shepherd will take a little lamb in
his arms, carry it up the mountain where the grass is
green, lay it down, and soon the other sheep will follow.

Every now and then our Lord takes a lamb from the parched field
of a family up to those Heavenly Green Pastures, that the rest
of the family may keep their eyes on their true home and follow through.

--Fulton Sheen

If the going is too hard let Jesus carry you

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Rev. 5:8-14Rev. 5:8-14

Please remember these souls in your prayers:
Rudolph "Rudy" Cantu

6-18-1968 to 6-03-2007

Beloved son, on this day, June 3, 2007, our Heavenly Father cradled you in His arms, and carried you Home.
This journey ended your suffering to ALS aka Lou Gehrig's. We love, and miss you.

Mom, Dad, and brother
Ray, Irma and Shannon Manzanares

Beloved son, brother, dad, godchild, nephew, cousin, uncle:

From all of us. We love you, and miss you so. You fought ALS aka Lou Gherig's like a courageous warrior.
You went Home to your Heavenly Father without fear. You faced death

like a "champion." You made us so proud of you. See you on the other side, dear.

With Love:
Your Family

Edward Saddy
Flora Saddy

please pray for The Bell family.
Thank you.
Tina Bell

Sebastine Ngwoke
May 2001

Merciful Father receive my uncle who died in a motor
recently in a motor accident.

Paul J. DeCaro

Jerry Wohlslagel

Mary Mushmanski
Sept 1997
Gone home to the Lord we pray that her
eternal soul will rest with the Lord forever.
for this we Pray to the Lord

Rev. 5:8-14Rev. 5:8-14

Jacqueline Suzanne Bauer
Keep Smilin' Down on Us, Jackie!

Betty Lou Bauer
You Made It to the Other Side, Mom!

Ross Crisp
July 27th, 1967-October 7th, 1993.
Jesus has taken you Home, to be with Him in Heaven.
I will see you again, when He comes to take me Home too.

John M. Cannons, Sr

Mary Krigbaum Thomas
May 19, 1932 - November 1, 2001
......Rest in peace......

Mary V. Nemes
4-10-1920 to 11-9-2000
....Rest in eternal peace...

Virgil R. "Bud" Evans
Oct. 10, 1916 July 21, 2002
Jesus has taken you Home, to be with Him in Heaven.
I will see you again, when He comes to take me Home too.

James V. O'Donnell
Feb. 17, 1950 - Feb. 2, 2003
An Irish Blessing
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and rains fall soft upon your field.
And until we meet again my friend,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Charles L. Anderson

died suddenly on Jan 1, 1976

Loraine Byers
went to be with our God last night.
She was a loving grandmother to me when there was no other
love in my life as a child. I have since become
a Catholic convert and learned about love on a much grander scale.
This Protestant woman kept me spitually alive for my journey.
Please remember her in your prayers.

Kimberly Lynn Duffie
taken while flying her plane
On time on course
Now with God 1987
always in my heart

Leonard Mathisen Sr. Oct.1923 to Feb. 1997
Leonard Mathisen Jr. Jul.1954 to Feb. 1997
My Daddy & my baby brother, you were the only men in my life for so many years!
I love and miss you so!!! Please pray to comfort Mom tho, as you ARE
the only men in her life. That she finds peace in Jesus-as you have now.

Rev. 5:8-14Rev. 5:8-14

Francis Kovach
Elizabeth Kovach
Francis Kovach, Jr.
Mary Kovach
Dad, Mom, brother and sister - you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
Pray for us, that we may seek His will.
You know your family's needs, pray that we may be healed and converted in the ways needed.


Sylvia Harrison
7/20/1908 to 2/18/1970
Rest in peace...


Severo "Doc" Fuentez,
June 2, 1924-July 28, 1997

Merciful Father in Heaven,
I ask You to receive my dad as we let him go unto you, please give us all the
grace to heal, in Christ Jesus, Amen.


Jim Higdon
Dec.18, 1965-March 11 1989
We remember you always

dovewht.jpg Helen, Kristine, and David Jr. Bennett
age 4 age 3
Please pray for Helen, who died with her children in a fire on
the snowy morning of Feb 6, 1993.

dovewht.jpg Michael John Moyer
Oct 20, 1972 to Sep 20, 1990
The photographs that are left behind, are memories of a better time.
Some made me laugh, some made me cry, but I wasn't ready to say good-bye.

dovewht.jpg Nadine Solice
June 16, 1952-October 7, 1997
Thanks, sis, for praying to God "whatever it takes...", because now
we will ALL see you soon and are standing on His promises.

dovewht.jpg Brandon Carter Irwin
May 29, 1987 - June 6, 2005
Beloved son, brother, and grandson
You will always live in our hearts

dovewht.jpg Warren Bossalina, Jr.
dovewht.jpgIf you would like to add a name of a loved one to the "Memorial Wall,"
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You may include with the name and years a short prayer.

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