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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

July 24 A..D. 2009

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Exodus 20:1-17
Psalm 19:8, 9, 10, 11
Matthew 13:18-23

A reflection on today's Scripture:

The gospel for today is a familiar one, that of the parable of the sower.

We are reminded that when the Word falls on rich soil, the person understands and bears much fruit. (see Matthew 13:23) The example that Jesus gives before that one is that when the Word is sown among thorns, the person hears, but anxieties and the lure of riches choke it and the person bears no fruit. Days, weeks and months might go by without the person realizing that they have been caught up in these thorns.

What are some of these thorns that we might encounter in our culture today?

First, we might consider the pace of our lives. How much time do we really take for ourselves so that we might ground our thinking in Christ? The verb "take" means that unless we actually take it, receive it, accept it, nothing will happen.

So, when we do have some quality time, do we fill it with rather meaningless sound, such as from the car radio, a TV or an iPod? Of course some people may find that soothing music might relax them and help them to think.

Regarding the "lure of riches" mentioned in the gospel, do we stop and think before we buy an item whether or not we actually need it, or if it is more that we simply want it? Surely, each of us could go on giving examples. So then, exactly what are the thorns in my life, and what am I doing to eliminate or control them?

~ Joan of Jesus, OCDS
| email: jmurphy(at)syracuse(dot)net

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

St. Sharbel Makhluf, priest

Lives of the saints:

Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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