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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

June 24 A..D. 2009

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Isaiah 49:1-6
Psalm 139:1b-3, 13-14ab, 14c-15
Acts 13:22-26
Luke 1:57-66, 80

A reflection on today's Scripture:

Today is the Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, "Prepare the way of the Lord." (Isaiah 40:3)

The First Reading tells us how God prepared Isaiah, the Old Testament Prophet, for his prophetic mission, "making him a sharp-edged sword, concealing him in the shadow of His arm," making him "a polished arrow, hiding him in His quiver."

With these beautiful poetic images, we are reminded of the great care God takes in creating and preparing, not just Isaiah and John, but all of us, for our role in announcing and spreading the Good News.

The question we must take the time to ask ourselves and should strive to answer is, "What is the part God calls me to play? What is it that I have been fashioned and created to do?" In the Book of Isaiah, we will get the hint that it is in the desert -- in the wilderness -- where we will be more inclined to hear and be receptive to respond to God's call.

A voice cries out:
In the desert prepare the way of the Lord!
Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God! (see Isaiah 40:3)

So then, on this wonderful feast, let us, like John the Baptist, go into the desert, far away from all that distracts us, where we will have the best chance to hear and discern how to "Prepare the way of the Lord," not just for our own good and salvation, but for that of the whole world.

~ Donna Raye Nelson, OCDS
| email: drn3rd@hughes.net

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Lives of the saints:

Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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