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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

January 24 A.D. 2009

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Hebrews 9:2-3, 11-14
Psalm 47:2-3, 6-9
Mark 3:20-21

A reflection on today's Scripture:

Christ entered once for all into the sanctuary, not with the blood of goats and calves but with His own blood, thus obtaining our eternal redemption. (see Hebrews 9:12)

Today's gospel reveals that early in Christ's mission, large crowds gathered around Him to hear the "good news" of salvation but also in hopes of witnessing a miracle.

That caused a panic among some of Jesus' relatives who came to take Him home, thinking He had lost His mind. The scribes, considered to be scriptural authorities, came to a very strange conclusion; they said He cast out demons from the afflicted because He was possessed by a demon and was working under Satan's power.

If we read through the next paragraph, Jesus exposes their foolish error, for Satan surely would not use his power to do good. He tells the scribes that their idea was actually a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, the One through Whom Jesus cast out demons. Theirs was the one unforgivable sin that would result in their eternal damnation.

St. Paul's carefully composed letter to the Hebrews was prompted by some "believers" complaining about the moral demands of the Faith, followed by the loss of their early fervor. His message is an attempt to revive their hearts and minds to the wonder of Christ's love shown by His sacrificial death that freed us from sin and won for us salvation and eternal life.

Today our Church is still being attacked, but Christ told us that she will prevail over the power of evil, for the love and truth of God was preserved first by St. Peter to whom Jesus entrusted the "keys of the Kingdom" and then to his successors throughout the centuries. We should also guard our minds and hearts from lies and errors by gaining a knowledge of our Faith and of Christ through scripture study and daily prayer.

Blessed Redeemer,
guide every thought and effort we make in life to promote unity and peace within the Faith. Keep our spiritual vision clear and unwavering.

- Marie Bocko, OCDS
| email: mlbocko@twcny.rr.com

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

St. Francis de Sales, bishop and doctor of the Church

Lives of the saints:

Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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