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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

July 27, A.D. 2008

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word: 1 Kings 3:5, 7-12
Psalm 119:57, 72, 76-77, 127-128, 129-130
Romans 8:28-30
Matthew 13:44-52 or 13:44-46

A reflection on today's Scripture:

Have you ever spent hours looking for something, searching every possible nook and cranny, going through drawers and boxes and piles of things, only to find it right under your nose?

This Sunday's readings are all about searching for the kingdom of heaven and finding that it's right in plain sight. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, knew that. When God invited him to ask for anything at all, Solomon asked for the gift of wisdom—and God gave it to him. Later in life, he foolishly let wisdom slip through his fingers, and so his kingdom split apart.

So, what's so great about wisdom? Wisdom shows us what is really important in life, and what is worth living and dying for, and what is not.

In a couple of weeks, I'll have the privilege of being at a celebration of the Jubilees for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Watertown. What wisdom those consecrated nuns had in choosing to pursue the Kingdom of God from their teenage years all the way to the present! And how happy and fulfilled those sisters are—they have found love in the love of their Spouse, Jesus. They are surrounded by care and attention in their later years, and they have the assurance of a heavenly reward when God calls them home. They are wise virgins, indeed!

The kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great price, a treasure hidden in a field, a net full of fish! And each one of us in every time and place are meant to fill in the blanks. Treasure is doing something important with my life, doing something that will help others, finding happiness and contentment. And there it is—the kingdom of heaven is right here and now, staring me in the face, challenging me to take possession now.

- Msgr. Paul Whitmore |
email: pwhitmore29 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lives of the saints:

Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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