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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

March 3, A.D. 2008

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Isaiah 65:17-21
Psalm 30:2, 4-6, 11-13
John 4:43-54

A reflection on today's Scripture:

You may go; your child will live. (John 4:50)

Throughout Lent we have been encouraged to practice self-denial. Often we mistakenly see this only as an exercise in giving up things that give us pleasure. In truth God is calling us to do "spring cleaning," to rid our lives of worldly clutter to make room for Christ, the One sent to cleanse us of sin and create us anew in His image.

Many limit God's act of creation to His original formation of the cosmos with earth as humanity's home; but creation is ongoing, for God's Spirit constantly renews our world through its seasons and propagates life—plants, animals, and man—from seeds energized by God's life. Humans require most of His attention, since He created us to be spiritual creatures made in His likeness, able to commune with our heavenly Father and enter into a loving relationship with Him. Through this, God lifts us from our mire of sin to participate in His goodness so that we may also live at peace with one another.

Today's Gospel narrates one example of Christ's infinite power to create life anew, His healing of a dying child. In doing so, He prompted a renewal of the parents' lives and possibly that of all those to whom they would tell of God's healing mercy. This "good" was set in motion by the father's faith in Christ, his immediate obedience in going home, fully believing his child would be well; this fact was affirmed when he learned that the healing coincided perfectly with the time that Jesus had pronounced its taking place.

Blessed Lord, may this Lenten season commit us to allowing Your Spirit of love and truth to create us anew that we may share Your blessed life with others. Amen.

- Marie Bocko, OCDS |
email: mlbocko(at)twcny(dot)rr(dot)com

Monday of the Fourth Week in Lent

St. Katharine Drexel, virgin

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