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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

February 18, A.D. 2008

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Daniel 9:4-10
Psalm 79:8-9, 11,13
Luke 6:36-38

A reflection on today's Scripture:

The measure with which you measure, will in return be measured out to you. (see Luke 6:38)

The book of Daniel expresses a heartfelt, sorrowful confession of Israel's sins that left them vulnerable to being overwhelmed by and exiled to an alien nation. Willful disobedience of God's law of love separated them from the grace He continuously pours out to all but can only be received by those with open and faithful hearts.

God does not force His will upon us, but He reveals the wisdom of obedience to Him by allowing His rebellious children the consequences of separating themselves from His protective love. Yet God is ever compassionate; if we read all of Daniel we will see clear references to the coming Messiah, described also in our psalm today, God's life-giving shepherd.

Today's Gospel should also awaken us to God's infinite love and humility, His sending Christ as a helpless infant subject to human parents, later allowing Him to be reviled by religious authorities and finally ordaining Christ to die by crucifixion.

We should also see in Jesus' sacrificial death the destructive power of human minds and hearts clouded by sin and the necessity of God the Father showing us that sin is a crime punishable by our spiritual death. This means that if we, by the grace of God, put our sins to death through obedience to Christ, His Word, we will share in His eternal life.

God created man to participate in His love; sinning is the worship of self that obstructs man's heart from receiving and giving God's love back to Him and to others. If we desire love, we must first open our hearts to God, and He will fill them to overflowing so we can give to the world from the abundance of what we have received.

O Father of light and love, enable us to see that You are the Source of all goodness and blessings. Make us to draw ever more deeply of Your life, that we may make Your Presence known in this world. Amen.

- Marie Bocko, OCDS |
email: mlbocko@twcny.rr.com

Monday of the Second Week in Lent

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