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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

December 8, A.D. 2007

Scripture from today's Liturgy of the Word:

Genesis 3:9-15, 20
Psalm 98:1, 2-3ab, 3cd-4
Ephesians 1:3-6, 11-12
Luke 1:26-38

A reflection on today's Scripture:

Today, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a day that is pivotal in salvation history! Literally the weight of man's salvation was placed so gently, so accurately in the hands of a young Jewish maiden, the Blessed Virgin Mary. What are some of the points that we might ponder, as there are many?

One of the main considerations is that God is in control, and obviously knows what He is doing! Sometimes we might get so caught up in the importance of what we are doing that we think we are running things. Not so! We need reminders about that fact from time to time.

Another consideration is that God gives us the grace and gifts to prepare us for the roles He anticipates that we will play. Though we have free will to accept or reject His help, the help is there if we co-operate with His graces.

And lastly, we should not be afraid! These are the words of Gabriel to the Blessed Mother at the beginning of his message. There are many other times in Scripture where we are reminded, not to be afraid, which brings us back to the first point discussed here, that God is in control.

Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed the fruit of thy womb, Jesus! (The Hail Mary)

- Joan of Jesus, OCDS |
email: jmurphy(at)utica(dot)edu

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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