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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

May 9, A.D. 2004

Scripture from Today's Liturgy of the Word:

Acts 14:21-27
Psalm 145:8-13
Revelation 21:1-5
John 13:31-33,34-35

A brief reflection on today's Scripture passages:

"Such as my love has been for you,
so must your love be for each other."

With these words Jesus tells His Apostles the way--the only and most excellent way--to love. Having been with Him for three years they witnessed how He loved them; though it wouldn't be until after the coming of the Holy Spirit that they would comprehend with greater fulness the depth and breadth of the love of Christ.

Like them, we have been witnesses to God's love through His Son's example and the direct and powerful goodness manifested in the love that others have born for us and in the opportunities He has given to us to be Love for one another.

Let us not waste the chances that God gives us to love as He has loved. It means doing little things joyfully, carefully with the intent on being just as Jesus would be.

Loving as Jesus, or doing as Jesus, is not a trite little contemporary phrase or one that is meant to be tossed about lightly, but a thought-provoking challenge to imitate Jesus who we love and who first and forever has loved us.

"I give you a new commandment," Jesus said, "love others as I have loved you."

- Donna Raye Nelson, ocds
(drn3rd at hotmail dot com) http://www.christdesert.org/public_texts/martyrology/

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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