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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

February 25, A.D. 2003

Sirach 2:1-11
Psalm 37:3-4,18-19,27-28,39-40
Mark 9:30-37

A brief reflection on today's Scripture passages:

"...whoever receives Me, receives the One who sent Me." (Mark 9:37)

The world lauds and envies people who have money, property, power, beauty, talents and accomplishments. God, however, is not impressed by such individuals who are simply using their God-given gifts; for He has also provided them with the time, energy and opportunities to develop and use these gifts. The question God would ask is, "Are you using these gifts in a manner that gives honor and glory to Me and man, My creation, or are you using them to satisfy your greed and egocentrism?"

Jesus' disciples at first held this same worldly view of their identity, and like the Pharisees, Priests and Temple authorities, vied for the uppermost position in their group. They had not yet understood Christ's message, that they were to emulate their teacher and assume, like Jesus, to become servants to all. They failed to be child-like in their simplicity, good children of the Father who desire above all else to please Him, to listen to and learn from Him and to obey His Word out of love.

Modern man finds this message repugnant because amid all our great achievements in the sciences, and arts, all our many pleasures and possessions, we have forgotten (or perhaps never learned) Who the Source is of all these gifts and that they were given to bless all of humanity, not just the most clever and aggressive. In consequence, they are being used to satisfy individual greed and self-will. Freedom has come to mean doing one's own "thing" regardless of the consequences.

A poet once aptly observed that humans are blindly impressed by the "bigness of their littleness." We deny our child's status before God, persons created by Him, not being held in subjection to Him who is all-powerful, but to live in the love and truth that His law expresses and that together we might build a world based upon justice and peace.

Loving Father,
open our hearts to receive Your Son,
that we may grow in wisdom and love,
become like Him in word and deed. Amen.

- Marie Bocko, ocds (mlbocko@borg.com)


Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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