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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

October 15, A.D. 2002

Galatians 5:1-6
Psalm 119:41,43-45,47-48
Luke 11:37-41

A brief reflection on today's Scripture passages:

"For freedom, Christ set us free"

Today is the memorial feastday of St. Teresa of Jesus, reformer of the Carmelite Order and doctor of the Church. Today's epistle to the Galatians about freedom is particularly appropriate to the life of St. Teresa.

Early in her life, St. Teresa was subject to reading "bad novels," probably harmless romances of swordplay and chivalry. She was also addicted to idle chatter. Even in her early years as nun she would receive many visitors and chat the day away.

Then there occurred a mysterious illness that completely debilitated her and changed her life. Through that illness she came to understand the transcendent graces of Jesus Christ. She realized how much she had neglected Him in pursuit of those smaller, lesser pleasures.

God Himself intervened in her life to set her free from being an ordinary, perhaps even lax nun, into becoming the powerful dynamo that would reform an order and galvanize the entire Church in crisis. Her beautiful life and experiences were to transform literature and spiritual understanding from then onward.

Jesus freed us so that we would not be in bondage to the world, the flesh, or the devil. He freed us to love God the Father more perfectly. He made us for freedom; and with that freedom, we might move mountains just as St. Teresa of Jesus transformed the spiritual landscape of the world, showing generations the pathway to God.

- JuandelaCruz, TOCarm (sriddle415@yahoo.com)

For the saint, feast or memorial of this day

St. Teresa of Jesus, virgin and doctor of the Church


Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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