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Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

October 11, A.D. 2002

Galatians 3:7-14
Psalm 111:1-6
Luke 11:15-26

A brief reflection on today's Scripture passages:

Jesus went about His mission to spread the word of God, to forgive sin, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, to cure the blind and to drive out demons. Those in power, the Pharisees, were the ones who were blind and hungry for revenge. They could not accept that Jesus had the power from God to free his people from bondage. The hearts of the leaders were hard and unbending.

How do we react to the signs of God's saving power in our lives and the lives of others around us? Do we go about our lives living in sin, staying angry with someone we are supposed to love and neglecting our baptismal promises? If we are, then we must turn to the Lord to ask His forgiveness. Then, with grace from the Holy Spirit, we can spread God's word, feed the hungry and pray for the healing of our sick - both friends and enemies alike. The Kingdom of God is all around us in all whom we meet each day.

Heavenly Father,
You sent your Son Jesus to show us the way to your kingdom.
Help us to accomplish your work here on earth. Amen.

- Deacon Bill Powers (uujpow@aol.com)

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