Every day, we need to go to our quiet place...

A Quiet Place

Today's Scriptural Meditation Readings:

May 24, A.D. 2001

: Acts 1:1-11
Psalm 47:2-3,6-9
Ephesians 1:17-23
Luke 24:46-53

A brief reflection on today's Scripture passages:

Jesus who has been taken from you will return. (see Acts l: 11).

Are we standing around looking up into the skies like the men of Galilee? Or are we claiming the power of the Holy Spirit that the Lord promised to us who believe? No one knows the day when the Lord is going to return in all of His glory except God Himself. Should we waste time thinking about this timing when the power of God is waiting within us to be unleashed to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit?

Are we asking our God to grant us a spirit of Wisdom and all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we try to discern His will for our daily lives? Do we spend a little time each day trying to get to know our Savior a little better? Do we ask Him to direct our thoughts, words and actions so that they might be like His? Do we avail ourselves of all the opportunities that are available to us to nourish our souls?

Our God has blessed us, like the disciples. He has gifted all of us in very special ways, unique to each one. He has empowered us to do his work. How effectively are we carrying out the task? Life is too short we must be about his business!

Heavenly Father,
Come to our aid as we make our humble efforts to follow you.
Let our journey lead us to the place your Son has prepared for us
in the new creation. Amen, Amen!

- Deacon Bill Powers (uujpow@aol.com)
(Diocese of Rockville Centre)


Full Scripture text from today's Liturgy of the Word:


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