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We Need You!

We are looking for a few good souls that can help us to make our dreams of a more robust and dynamic on-line ministry come to pass.
Are you one of those few? The humble, yet-proud? The Lord's Cyber-Marines?
Or maybe you know some souls who are looking for a positive way to share their time to build up the Kingdom?
What does it take?

A dedication to the Truth.
A Love for the Lord.
Patience...and more patience. If you don't have it, this will help you develop it!

Possible roles you could work in, you ask?

Perhaps you can help us build our art-image collection.
Maybe you have a knack for sounds. If so, wow! Have you found a place to share your talents!
Or you may know html. There are always web-pages to build.
For those who have a PC, and are willing to learn html, we could coach you while you learn html. O.J.T.!
You might like sharing the good word about this website with others - a 'promoter' if you will!
Maybe you read a lot, and would like to help us build an on-line bookstore.
Others who like writing poetry or articles, answering questions from visitors or share good clean humor...

...get the picture? What ever talent you have, chances are, we could use it!

Start by visiting various departments in our growing cyber-city. You'll see what others have shared, and see if our vision is mutally shared.
We are purely voluntary here, there is no 'budget.' No sponsors (yet) of any real consequence. Every visitor found their way here via a free link, a search engine a kind invitation from someone else. When you think about it, with actually more than 100,000 visitors so far, there must be something good happening here - praise the Lord!
You can be a part of this. With His help, we will develop these pages and this apostolate into a total evangelization, apologetics and inspiration center on the web.

Here are some examples of the departments we are working on:

Creating Greeting E-Cards ?

Conversion Stories ?

Do you know French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese…fill in the blank for the language that YOU know.:) ?

Passion for Images ?

Passion for Art ?

Writing Articles ?

Youth Ministry ?

Sounds-Music-Midis ?

Global and local Church News ?

And of course HTML and creating web pages

Feel the call? Please, join us - you are wanted!


bell ringing for helpDo you love sharing the Faith? Would you like to share your time and talent or design skills with others? Then please go to our "CONTACT" link. May God bless you!

Take time to pray daily...we need it!

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