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The Vision

Darkness into Light

War. Poverty. Disease. Crime. Political and social injustice. Billions of souls with their personal hurts, disappointments, anguish, toil and pain...

...there are so many and varied problems that each person faces in our world today. Yet as varied as these problems are, at the root of these issues is a single source, one cause for all of it. Three little letters: sin.

For those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the desire to know the truth - sin is the cause of every single evil we can possibly think of yesterday, today and untold tomorrows. We can analyze the problems politically, debate the economics and morality of various issues...but no government program can wipe out the cause of our ills. Imagine for a moment...

  • ...the challenges of terrorism
  • ...the growing divide between the have and the have nots
  • ...budgetary problems for governments and social service agencies
  • ...the problems of unemployment and poverty level earnings so many face
  • ...emotional, health and spiritual issues people face daily
Any problem. One cause. Sin.

The solution?

Imagine instead:

  • ...where neighbor helps their neighbor, not because they are taxed or somehow forced to, but because they want to serve
  • where the challenges of life are met with joy, because everything in life and death are understoood to have true meaning
  • where holiness of life causes strife, injustice and divisions to fade
  • where mutual respect and true charity cause stewardship in our material and natural possessions to transform our person, one family, one neighborhood at a time...
...ah yes, a dream some will say.

But not an impossible dream. We have seen that the promise of fame, fortune, fads and fabulous diversions of every discription haven't made our world any better. As we have drifted from the ideals established by a humble carpenter's son, moved more to a 'its all about me,' more material and more selfish outlook - what have we reaped? More of the evils we began this topic with.

Unlike the material world:

  • love can be given away, and not lost. In fact, the more love is given, the more it grows...
  • truth can be shared and wisdom will provide solutions to life's problems...
  • peace and justice flow from mercy and solidarity, comm-union...
The desire to make the world better begins within ourselves. It is an interior journey, but it results in exterior change and potentially eternal consequences.

The desire to transform the world begins by simple, little actions. Sharing in this vision. Inviting others to discover an ancient yet revolutionarily fresh way of looking at the world we live in.

- - - how you can help - - -

Perhaps you have already made a journey through this website. You've been inspired, you feel called.

Everyone has their own unique and special gifts. We all have time for those things we find important and necessary. Write to us, tell us about your time and talent and tell us how you'd like to be a part of this vision.

May you be richly blessed by the One who makes all go0d things possible.


Do you love sharing the Faith? Would you like to share your time and talent or design skills with others? Then please go to our "WANTED" link. May God bless you!

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