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"Catholics are often out-of-step with the times."

True! The question should be "Why?" If one believes in God, and believes the truths God revealed through Jesus, the Bible and other means, Divine Truth clearly opposes modern vices. So does official Catholic teaching, since the Catholic Church believes the 10 Commandments have no expiration date. Think - if people lived the Commandments, wouldn't ours be a better world today? Something we should all agree on.


"Catholics worship Mary."

Catholics accept the Scriptures: "we should pray for one another... The fervent prayers of the righteous person is powerful." (Jas. 5:15,16). Spirit filled, Mary prophesied, "Behold, all generations shall call me 'blessed!'" (Lk.1:48). Do you fulfill this verse by calling Mary "blessed?"

Biblically, Catholics, Orthodox and many Christians do! Catholics don't worship Mary, they ask Jesus' Mother to pray for them. Some wrongly confuse 'prayer' with worship; Church teaching doesn't. Consider these verses about Mary: "Hail, full of Grace! The Lord is with thee." (Lk. 1:28 - older translation); "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb (Jesus)!" (Lk. 1:42). "The virgin shall be with child" (Is. 7:14).

Read Revelations 12. The male child born is "destined to rule all the nations" (Rv. 12:5) - it is Jesus! So that makes the child's mother Mary. The devil (dragon) attacks Mary and her Son, Jesus (see Rv. 12:4, 13, 17); but God crowns Mary in heaven (Rv. 12:1 - no one is crowned in heaven without God!).

Do you know people who attack Mary, as the devil did? Do you honor her, as God does? Recall, Jesus told His disciple to take her into his home (cf. Jn.19:25-27). In Revelation's 12, the Bible shows us there are two sides to this issue about Mary - the devil's side, and God's side. Which one are you on?

Ok - so Catholics, Orthodox and many Christians may not be so 'off-base' on Mary. It is important to know that inspite of the misguided belief by some who falsely state that Catholics worship Mary, no official Church documents condones or encourages that - Mary is only asked for intercession, the same way as people ask others to pray to Jesus (God) for them. The verses above indicate that this is not un-Biblical.


"Catholics violate the Scripture: "Call no man on earth 'your 'father'" (Mt. 23:9).

Catholics Biblically reply: we "...have but one Father in heaven!" (Mt. 23.9). Yet, Paul says: "Indeed, in Christ Jesus, I became your father through the Gospel." (1 Cor. 4:15). "As you know, we treated each of you as a father treats his children..." (1 Thes. 2:11). It would seem there has been a problem in understanding Mt. 23:9 - either that, or Paul was disobeying Jesus' words?? Nah...the last thought isn't an option.

What the Apostle Paul was saying in these verses is that he was a 'spiritual father', in the same Scriptural sense that priests are called 'father' today. A closer look reveals that in Mt. 23:8, Jesus also said not to call anyone "Rabbi" (meaning "teacher"), yet we call people "teacher" regularly, and no one fusses about that! Since the words "father" and "teacher" are used dozens of times in the Bible after Mt. 23:9, clearly our Savior didn't mean to stop us from using these words! Instead, Jesus meant this as a reminder of God's Fatherly and Teaching relationship to us. No one is a 'father' in quite the same way as God is - since He Created us, God is our ultimate Father and should be our Teacher too!

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