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The Ultimate Catholic Midi Collection!

There are lots of places on the net where a person can download classical and general Christian midi files. There is, at this time, a lack of sites that offer Catholic midi files, or Christian music whose messages and meaning fits with the truths taught by the Catholic Faith. So it is our hope to help individuals, parishes and organizations by providing this resource - more on the details for using these are below.

Netscape browswers may need a Crescendo plug-in, or similar program, to hear music on your broswer. Click here to download Crescendo, so you can gain the most benefit from your web surfing experience!

Imagine going to a movie without music, it may not be as nearly a compelling experience. Similarly, a web site with sound can be a very rewarding experience, when the sounds and the message go hand-in-hand.

Many of these sound files, and lots of help in creating this department of our web site, are courtesty of individuals who have kindly shared their time and talents with us on these pages. Some of these have let us put up there e-mail link, others prefer to share their sequencing of midis with you in anonymity. We hope you thanks those who you can - keeping in mind the a single midi can take hours to 'get it right' - and keep all of these individuals in your prayers.

Some come from free download sites and others come from programs that specifically permit our type of non-commercial use. Please note: it is not our intent infringe upon any copyrighted material, just to share these lovely sounds with others. To the best of our knowledge, in other words, we've not infringed on anyone's rights in sharing these!

We gladly give permission for free, non-profit use by individuals or organizations to download these sounds. We do make the following request: Kindly provide us with the following banner and link to our site and e-mail us your web address and the url(s) of the pages with the sound files. To save this banner on your system, 1. right click your mouse, 2. click on "save image as," 3. upload the image to your system. Remember, it helps everyone on the 'net to save images this way; to learn more about the advantages,
click here.

You can get FREE sound files from the ABCs of Faith - host of the Ultimate Internet Catholic Midi Collection!

Once you've saved the banner, e-mail us, and we'll send you the code to cut and paste into your html so the image and link will work.

Frankly, these pages and this free service does double-duty.

The first is to share the inspirational sounds with others. We hope thousands of people will be uplifted by these often moving melodies.

The second, and equally import purpose is this: by providing the banner/link, you will be helping us share the joys of God's truths with others. Our evangelization and inspirational articles can reach more people, with every banner and link!

So this depends on each webmaster's honesty and willingness to cooperate. Every link will result in more visitors, so for a few minutes of your time you, will increase the glory and praise this will bring to the Lord!

Augustine, the saintly bishop of Hippo, observed almost 1600 years ago that when we sing, it is like praying twice. In Scriptures, we see many examples of music and song as a way of sharing our joy and thanksgiving to God, or to express our sorrows and concerns. It is the hope of the ABCs of Faith contributors, that the midi's that follow will bless, inspire, console and prompt you into an ever deeper love of our Creator and Savior!

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