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ABCs Original Topics

Perhaps you've heard the story about the man who set out to find his fortune. He searched for years on end. After journeying far from his native land, he finally returned home with little to show for his efforts. It was in his own town, in his old neighborhood that he finally became wealthy.

One of the many lessons of this tale is that the opportunity the traveler sought had been right there, available to him all along. He had but to open his eyes, and by removing the mental blinders he'd placed on himself, he would see his treasure.

The "ABC's of Faith" doesn't want you to leave your common sense at the Web Site 'door' - we invite you to use your reasoning abilities! Just be open minded, and leave the door to your heart ajar. If you do that, like the traveler, you may find that the treasures that you have sought in life are nearby. The journey of a lifetime can begin with your next click.

Open Door Let the journey begin!



Introduction To ABCs
Meaning of Vague and Boring Scripture Verses
Be Open
A Perfect Church?
If Anyone Preaches... Another Gospel
What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Seek First the Kingdom of God
The Bible and The Lords Supper
Mary And The Bible
Scriptures Of Hope, Consolation, Peace and Inspiration
How A Detective Would Find Jesus true Church
Episode #1
Gumshoe Episode #2
Gumshoe Episode #3
Gumshoe Episode #4
Answers to Common Biblical Questions
More Answers to Biblical Questions
Still More Answers to Biblical Questions
Bible Related Topics
Gods Ten Commandments
What The Bible Says About...
A Journey of Faith


When you finish the "Original" department of the ABCs of Faith, you'll find hundreds of more topics, inspirational stories and more, in our website. But take it one step-at-a-time, since inch by inch, life's a cinch! Yard by yard, it's hard. So if you are the type who likes to read the last page first, that won't work well here...


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