ABCs of Faith

Unlike other e-card sites, we help you maintain your privacy and cut down on spam by letting you save and use the cards directly from your own email system. Here are two ways that you use our free service:

1. Place your cursor to the left or right of the card (or over or under) the image you want, left click your mouse, and drag it past the image (which will be highlighted). Then do ‘Control C’ to ‘copy’ and when you open your email window, use ‘control v’ to paste the mail.

Or to save this image to your hard drive, for repeated use:

2. Once you’ve selected a card you’d like to email, place your cursor over the image you want. Prepare a file (Example: use ‘My Documents, My Pictures, My E-Cards”) and then right click mouse pointer over the e-card image and 'save as' to your computer hard drive. Then in your email window, go to Insert, picture from file, and then click on the card, which will then appear in your email window.

Then personalize it in your email with any message for your friend or loved one. We suggest that you not resize the e-cards, as it may distort the image or the text.

Enjoy! Your feedback and ideas for this free service are welcome.