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Crisis Resources and Links

Because We All Have Times of Need...

...or know people who have a need, maybe right now!

Some of these sites below are for government, or perhaps a religious organization or non-profit group. Typically these links, many offering toll-free crisis numbers, are here to help those in need! Even if you don't share some of their thinking, consider letting them be of service to your or your loved one. Let the Spirit of love, wisdom and healing guide you!

If you have other links you'd like to suggest, please contact us. We'd also be interested in your stories about how these groups were of service to you or others!

There is always hope...don't despair!

You'll find these links in alphabetical order,
according to the site's own titles.

A PRIMER ON NATURAL FAMILY PLANNINGSome people want a baby, and are having a hard time conceiving naturally. Some people want to plan their families without costly pills or devices. Maybe you are just looking for a safe and natural approach. Check this site out. This is no rhythm method - learn more!

Abortion: Questions and Answers By Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Willke.

Addiction Resource Guide A comprehensive directory of addiction treatment facilities online. Whether you're an informed professional, a confused parent, or anything in between...

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)

Alcohol and Drug Helpline. This is a Washington State service, but there are links too.

Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning *simple *natural *effective *cost-free Are you planning to achieve or avoid/postpone pregnancy? Either way the Billings Method, developed by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings of Australia, will help you during all the stages of your reproductive life.

BIRTHRIGHT: Are you pregnant and in need of help?

Beginning Experience - support for the divorce, widowed and separted.

The Confraternity of Penitents Fulfilling the Catholic Church's Call to Penance and Repentance in the Modern World

Couple to Couple League helping couples build healthy marriages through...

Courage You struggle with homosexual feelings and are searching for answers. So far you may have chosen to act on some of these feelings or maybe you've kept them in your thoughts. You may have chosen...

Cukierski Family Apostolate - Our mission has always been to help save the innocent unborn and to draw folks closer to the Catholic faith.

The Crisis Pregnancy Network The CPC Network is a FREE...

Encourage Over the last nine years, Courage has witnessed the growth of a ministry dedicated to the spiritual needs of families, relatives and friends of persons who have homosexual inclinations...

Engaged Encounter. Helping couples prepare for good marriages.

Family of the America's home page Helping the world today prepare the families of tomorrow.

Freedom from sexual addictions. Note: this is the first site of this type found, so please approach with due caution, and let us know what your thoughts are, let us know if you know of similar/better sites on this theme.

Health Information ResourcesToll free numbers to lots of different health problem related issues.

Human Life International World-wide pro-life organization and information center. Provides many facts, such as the declining populations of dozens of nations, the motives behind forced contraception and abortions, and more.

Marriage Preparation resource site! :-) Are you or someone you know getting ready for marriage?

Medical Links on medical topics - Alcohol and AIDS on through the list...

Mental Health Net Self-help sourcebook and links on-line...

Minnesota Recovery page Links and phone numbers for A.A.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: NFP provides a medically safe, healthy, highly effective and very low cost method of planning your family. It is convenient (no birth control devices to use), and it's immediately reversible for achieving or avoiding pregnancy. It tells you a lot about your body and fertility, and it's morally acceptable and builds strong marriages. If you have trouble getting pregnant, this is the first step in increasing your fertility. THIS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER'S BIRTH CONTROL!

Natural Family Planning and FeminismThis is a site with some interesting ideas!

The 'PILL'

Pro Life Resources on the Net

Princeton Pro-Life

Project Rachel National Hotline: 1-800-5WE-CARE What do we know about you? Others who have walked this path toward healing tell us about you. Before your abortion you were sure that this was the right thing for you: Your problems were insurmountable You had to make an immediate decision Your support system had eroded You were under extreme pressure You didn't know your options You feared rejection You had a right to your own choice After your abortion, your emotional reactions to the abortion may have been suppressed for a long time. Now...

Pro-life Feminism On-Line This may not be the best web site ever, but it does have a number of thought provoking and useful points to consider.

Recovery Related Resources A.A. and other recovery related...

Retrouvaille...a Lifeline for Married Couples A Program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship.

JOIN THE SAME SEX ATTRACTION MORALITY LEAGUE! This is a fine, newly launched effort at sharing timeless wisdom on the moral problem of homosexual attraction. Thoughtful information, and many good links!

Sex Addicts AnonymousA Must See Web Site!!!!!!!!

St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers Help for Fathers, Parenting, sexual addictions and more.

Teen Help How Times Have Changed! Public school teachers rated the top disciplinary problems: in 1940 Talking out of turn Chewing gum Making noise Running in the halls Cutting in line Dress-code violations Littering - The Top problems in 1990: Drug abuse Alcohol abuse Pregnancy Suicide Rape Robbery Assault - source - US News and World Report Basic Data: Congressional Quarter Researcher.

The Safety Zone Domestic Violence and Information on Woman Abuse...

The Ultimate Pro-life Resource A large list of information and links, crisis pregnancies, post-abortion, post-child birth and more.

Veritas Network provides individuals with short, insightful and thought provoking 'on-line brochures' that you can print, on topics dealing with the right-to-life. Regular updates, well worth your time!


World Wide Marriage Encounter You've discovered a site that can help married couples turn good (or even ho-hum or boring) marriages into GREAT marriages!


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