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A man dies. Shortly before his death, he was weighed and measured. Just afterwards, he's measured and the weight is checked again. The body's weight and demensions are unchanged. Women, men, injury or illness, the stories are the same.

What has changed? Why was the body alive - animated - one moment, and dead the next? Is there something unseen, a 'soul' that science can't measure, present during life that leaves the body at the moment of death? Is there more than just the amusements, problems, pains and distractions of this life?

Questions and topics like these are an important part of what this site is about.

You'll find more than just words here. Images, that may amuse, or provoke thought. Optional sounds (which you can typically stop, or replay) on many pages to help set a mood for the topic. You may find ideas that are familiar, but presented in a way you've never thought about before. Sometimes, just a change in perspective can dramatically improve one's understanding of an issue or belief.

So The ABCs can be fun and interesting, but the site is dedicated to the truth. Opinions are common, everyone has one! On spiritual and religious topics, opinions seem to abound! Opinions can change lives, but opinions based on false beliefs can lead people into trouble. We won't judge or condemn those who hold contrary thinking - but we will invite you to see things as they are.

Don't be afraid to have your thoughts tested. Perhaps you'll have your beliefs deepened. Don't fear responding to what you discover here. Yes, there are so many things tugging at you. Learn how life can be simple, honest and how life can make sense.

The truth can change lives as well, for the better! A life based on truth can be enriching and positively moving. If you are ready for a reality check, then the ABCs of Faith are for you. You may already know the truth, but aren't living it - this site may help give you the daily "umph" you've been needing. For those not ready for a challenge of myths and prejudices, well, we'd love to see you again, when something in life you encounter makes you more prepared.

Truth doesn't need to be boring! We strive to avoid a dry discussion! We've worked hard to provide you with a lively and balanced presentation of topics. We hope you will be quietly inspired, challenged and enriched through your visits here.


This life, after-life. Is there an eternity? Where will you spend it?
Discover the surprising answers, both ancient and modern, in the pages of our modest and growing website.


As our on-line friends will notice, we are currently re-tooling our web pages look and navigation. If you find glitches, kindly pardon our cyber-dust.

Thanks for coming...Enjoy Your Stay!


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