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Stations of the Cross


~ mary williams ~

There are many places on-line today where you can find the traditional prayers that go with the Stations of the Cross. This page is different in that it will call you to examine the Stations in how they relate to you and your life. The Lord spent much of the day on Good Friday - at trial, being scouraged, on the way of the cross, and finally hours before dying the agony of crucifixion. So take some time at each station, carefully and prayerfully ponder the scene and the meditation provided. Enter into this spiritual adventure with humility and a willingness to see things as they are, and you will find this to be a transforming and enriching journey. It has been so for the founder of this web site, who gratefully acknowledges the gift these stations have been to him...

...and we now desire to share these life-giving Stations of the Cross gently and lovingly with you. Deo gratias.

1st Station of the Cross

at the first station pray and ask what our Lord is being condemned for in your life and let that awareness not grieve you, rather thank Him for what He shows you and what He Will redeem...

...go to the second station...


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