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St. Anne's Catholic Church - Houston, Texas

"The Catholic Community of St. Anne, aspire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. They foster holiness by encouraging each other on our journey of faith. They seek the Kingdom of God as a Eucharistic community. They witness the presence of the living Christ by our profound hospitality, respect and love for all.

Fr. O’Rourke, who was named pastor in 1932, began to work on plans a new building with the Houston architects Maurice and Charles Sullivan. Fr. O’Rourke envisioned a church that would enshrine for the faithful their doctrinal, devotional, and historical heritage. He planned an edifice that would be an expression of Catholic faith and which would impress that faith visually upon all whom entered to worship and pray.

The type of architecture chosen was the style used in the Spanish missions of the southwest. Fr. O’Rourke, a teacher and eminent historian, was eager for the parishioners of future years to be conscious of the work of the missionaries who planted the seeds of faith in Texas.

This Spanish-style building, serving as the church until the completion of the present church in 1940, has since been remodeled to provide classrooms and a computer center for St. Anne School

The mission of St. Anne Catholic School is to develop each student academically, spiritually, culturally, and physically in a Catholic environment."

Adapted from:

History of St. Anne from thier web site

As you open doors light shines in as Our Lord's Light shines in our hearts..

Our Lord is felt profoundly in entering this most sacred ground.

The Eucharist Presence of Our Lord is center most in this awesome Church.

As one seeks prayerful devotion to Our Lord we remember the Eucharist is the heart of our lives and world as Catholics.

The Bible and the Lord's Supper

Most of the pictures are left big so you can enjoy the colorful Sacred Art in all their splendor.

A beautiful reminder of Jesus' love of children.

The object of The Stations of the Cross is to help us to make in spirit a pilgrimage to the scenes of Christ's suffering and death.

We as faithful to Chrisrt should meditate upon His sacrifice for our sins.

Christ calls us to obey His injunction to take up our cross and follow Him.

A beautiful image of our Lord and His Mother- Our Mother who always says "Do whatever He tells you."

Mary and The Bible

Some of the beauty of this magnificant Church ..

One can only see from all the scenes that abound; this is the House of God.

As we look thru the archways and stone pillars we must remember our Catholic faith is our strength that holds us up and St. Annes Catholic Church is a beautiful reminder of that strength.

St Anne's Catholic Church Page Two .

Why not visit this holy place in person? Plan to spend a some time before and after Mass. You'll be moved in ways that may surprise and inspire you. .

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